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Question 1: In "Epic Fail", Thirteen reveals she attended ________.
Sarah Lawrence CollegeVassar CollegeSkidmore CollegeConnecticut College

Question 2:
What did Thirteen (House) do for a living?
Research Fellow
Physician: Diagnostic medicine fellow
Professor, Public policy fellow, author
Department of Diagnostic Medicine Fellow

Question 3:
What episode number was Thirteen (House)?
High and Low

Question 4:
Who portrayed Thirteen (House)?

Question 5: In response to the ambiguity, Wilde confirmed in July 2008 that her character is bisexual, the second time she has played a bisexual character (the first being on ________ as Alex Kelly).
The O.C. (season 1)The O.C.The O.C. (season 4)Premiere (The O.C.)

Question 6: Thirteen's sexuality was initially written ambiguously: Foreman and House suggested she is ________; and Thirteen herself hints that she is bisexual.
GayHomosexualitySexual orientationBisexuality

Question 7: House fires her for recklessness but later rehires her, using the circumstances to test if she would grow close with a ________.
AutopsyTerminal illnessGriefEnd-of-life care

Question 8: Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, M.D., is a fictional character on the Fox medical drama House, portrayed by ________.
Leslie CockburnAlexander CockburnOlivia WildeAndrew Cockburn

Question 9: Thirteen has been compared, sometimes negatively, with Allison Cameron, the previous female diagnostician,[15][16] even by the actress ________ who portrays Cameron.
House (TV series)Jennifer MorrisonStar Trek (film)Pilot (House)

Question 10: When the patient's diagnosis changes to a non-terminal affliction, Thirteen tells ________, "I feel alone...
Lisa CuddyAllison CameronHouse (TV series)Eric Foreman

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