Third rail: Quiz

Question 1: See ________ for a complete list.
TurkeyGeorgia (country)RussiaList of rail transport systems using third rail

Question 2: Hamburg S-Bahn: 1200 V, since ________

Question 3: In the northern part of the line the more common ________ system is used.
Overhead linesNortheast CorridorElectric locomotiveTram

Question 4: This, however, can be avoided using ________.
ShanghaiParisSeoulPlatform screen doors

Question 5: Thirty years later, the main-line railway operator, Deutsche Reichsbahn, influenced by the success of the third-rail ________, decided to switch what was now called Hamburg S-Bahn to third rail.
Berlin StadtbahnS5 (Berlin)Berlin S-BahnBerlin U-Bahn

Question 6: The third rail is an alternative to ________ that transmit power to trains by means of pantographs attached to the trains.
Electric locomotiveOverhead linesTramNortheast Corridor

Question 7: In 1956 the world's first rubber-tyred railway line, Line 11 of ________, opened.
Paris Métro Line 4Châtelet (Paris Métro)Paris Métro Line 1Paris Métro

Question 8: Third-rail electrification systems are, apart from on-board batteries, the oldest means of supplying electric power to ________ on railways using their own corridors, particularly in cities.
Passenger car (rail)TrainRail transportTrain station

Question 9: The introduction of ________ has promised to drop electrical running costs for trains running on third rail and overhead wires.
Electric double-layer capacitorBattery (electricity)Electric vehicle batteryCapa vehicle

Question 10: The cross-city Thameslink service runs on the Southern Region third rail network from Farringdon station southwards and on overhead line northwards from Farringdon to ________.

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