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Third eye: Quiz


Question 1: This is commonly denoted in Indian and East Asian iconography with a dot, eye or mark on the forehead of deities or enlightened beings, such as ________, the Buddha, or any number of yogis, sages and bodhisattvas.

Question 2: The third eye is used in many meditation schools and arts, such as in yoga, qigong, many Chinese martial arts, Zen, and in Japanese martial arts such as Karate and ________.

Question 3: The third eye is the tenth gate and leads to inner realms housing myriad spaces of ________.
Gottfried LeibnizHenri BergsonConsciousnessIdea

Question 4: It was claimed by ________ that, by extending an "etheric tube" from the third eye, it is possible for one to develop microscopic vision and telescopic vision.
Sanat KumaraMaitreya (Theosophy)Helena BlavatskyCharles Webster Leadbeater

Question 5: In the The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, wizards such as ________ are able to open their third eye to perceive objects and people as they truly are.
Fool Moon (novel)Karrin MurphyHarry DresdenThomas Raith

Question 6: In terms of ________, the Ajna chakra is attributed to the sphere of Chokmah,[3] or Wisdom, although others regard the third eye as corresponding to the non-emanated sephirah of da'ath (knowledge).
Jewish eschatologyKabbalahNevi'imJewish philosophy

Question 7: It is also spoken of as the gate that leads within to inner realms and spaces of ________.
BuddhismReligious experienceMeditationHigher consciousness

Question 8: In the ________, a human being is likened to a city with ten gates.
Bhagavad GitaRigvedaUpanishadsVedas

Question 9: ________), but on a grander scale than it was in the distant past, because it will be in connection with the voluntary nervous system and therefore under the control of his will.
Extrasensory perceptionTelepathyParapsychologyClairvoyance

Question 10: ________ (二郎神) - Chinese God with a third true-seeing eye in the middle of his forehead that exists in folklores who also appears in Chinese fictions, Journey to the West and Fengshen Yanyi.
Erlang ShenMount PenglaiEight ImmortalsJade Emperor


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