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Question 1: For example, ________ argues that the notion of the Third Way emerged as the only alternative to the victorious global capitalism and its notion of liberal democracy when the Second Way crumbled.
Alain BadiouMichel FoucaultJürgen HabermasSlavoj Žižek

Question 2: The Third Way style of governing was firmly adopted and partly redefined during the Administration of President ________.
Al GoreEd RendellBill ClintonHoward Dean

Question 3: [16] Former Prime Minister ________ is cited as a Third Way politician.
Harold WilsonGordon BrownTony BlairClement Attlee

Question 4: Some also classify the Third Way as neosocialism or "________ with a social touch".
Classical liberalismFree marketNeoliberalismFriedrich von Hayek

Question 5: Most significantly, ________, British Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963, based his philosophy of government on what he entitled in a book, The Middle Way (1938).
Harold MacmillanWinston ChurchillMargaret ThatcherJohn Major

Question 6: In 1938 ________ wrote a book entitled The Middle Way, advocating a compromise between capitalism and socialism, which was a precursor to the contemporary notion of the Third Way.
Harold MacmillanWinston ChurchillJohn MajorMargaret Thatcher

Question 7: [1] Third Way approaches are commonly viewed from within the first- and second-way perspectives as representing a centrist compromise between free market capitalism and ________.
MarxismSocialist InternationalDemocratic socialismLibertarian socialism

Question 8: Romanow would later claim to be a "disciple" of the "Third Way" ideology of ________ (even though he had been in power for five and a half years before Blair's first election win).
Harold WilsonGordon BrownClement AttleeTony Blair

Question 9: These ideas were implemented by ________ in the early 20th century.
Positive libertyVermont Progressive PartyNew DealProgressivism

Question 10: Giddens regularly expounds on Third Way philosophy through contributions to progressive policy think tank ________.
Gerhard SchröderDutch Labour PartyAnthony GiddensPolicy Network


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