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Third Protectorate Parliament: Quiz


Question 1: The constituencies and distribution of seats, in England and Wales, for this Parliament reverted to being the same as in the ________.
Oliver CromwellLong ParliamentEnglish Civil WarHenry Vane the Younger

Question 2: However the Scottish and Irish constituencies (see list in the ________ article) were left unchanged.
The ProtectorateFirst Protectorate ParliamentOliver CromwellSecond Protectorate Parliament

Question 3: After the death of Oliver Cromwell his son Richard Cromwell succeeded him as ________ of the Protectorate on 3 September 1658.
EnglandRegentLord ProtectorMonarch

Question 4: The Third Protectorate Parliament was preceded by the Second Protectorate Parliament and followed by the ________.
Rump ParliamentCharles FleetwoodOliver CromwellJohn Lambert (general)

Question 5: This swell of ground support forced the Grandees to allow Richard Cromwell to re-call the ________ less than a month after the dissolution of the Third Protectorate Parliament.
Rump ParliamentOliver CromwellJohn Lambert (general)Charles Fleetwood


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