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Third Italian War of Independence: Quiz


Question 1: The Austrians indeed profited from the situation to invade Valtellina and ________ (battle of Vezza d'Oglio).
RomeVal CamonicaGenoaItaly

Question 2: The conditions of the treaty of peace included: the return to Italy of ________, including western Friuli.

Question 3: On July 14, during a council of war held in ________, the new conduct of the war was decided, according to the following points:

Question 4: Garibaldi's volunteers (named "Cacciatori delle Alpi"), reinforced by a regular division, was to penetrate Trentino, trying to approach as close as possible to the capital, ________.
Nago-TorboleRoveretoTrentoRiva del Garda

Question 5: The terms included also the cession of the Iron Crown, the crown worn by the old ________ Kings of Italy and by the Holy Roman Emperors, as well as by Napoleon Bonaparte himself.
LombardsFranksGermanic peoplesSuebi

Question 6: When Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy had been crowned ________ on March 17, 1861, his reign did not control Venetia and Lazio.
King of ItalyUmberto I of ItalyCharlemagneVictor Emmanuel III of Italy

Question 7: On April 8, 1866 the Italian government signed a military alliance with Prussia, through the mediation of ________.
Napoleon II of FranceHouse of BonaparteLouis-Philippe I, King of the FrenchNapoleon III of France

Question 8: The growing divergences between Austria and the growing ________'s predominance in Germany turned into an open war in 1866, offering Italy an occasion to regain Venetia.
PrussiaHamburgEast PrussiaGerman Empire

Question 9: the imperfect merging of the armies of the ________ and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the two major components of the new state.
SicilyPiedmontItalyKingdom of Sardinia

Question 10: Collecting 2,000 volunteers, he moved from Catania and landed at Melito, in ________, on August 24 to reach the Aspromonte, with intention to climb the peninsula up to Rome.


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