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Third Doctor: Quiz


Question 1: In actuality, it is possible for neutrons to flow and, since neutrons have a ________,[3] it is possible in theory (although difficult in practice) to have a stream of neutrons polarised along or against their direction of motion.
Magnetic momentMaxwell's equationsMagnetismMagnetic field

Question 2: Visions of the Third Doctor appear in The Brain of Morbius, ________ and Resurrection of the Daleks.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who DVD releasesThe Five DoctorsMawdryn Undead

Question 3: While this incarnation spent most of his time exiled on Earth, where he grudgingly worked as ________'s scientific advisor, he would occasionally be sent on covert missions by the Time Lords, where he would often act as a reluctant mediator.
Doctor Who story chronologyDoctor (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)UNIT

Question 4: The phrase has entered ________ culture, although this has been more through its use as technobabble.

Question 5: Eventually, after his defeat of the renegade Omega in The Three Doctors he was granted complete freedom by the Time Lords in gratitude for saving ________.
Doctor (Doctor Who)GallifreyTARDISDoctor Who story chronology

Question 6: To explain this, the ________ was banished to Earth by his race the Time Lords, and forced to regenerate.
Companion (Doctor Who)Second DoctorThe Five DoctorsDoctor (Doctor Who)

Question 7: The phrase also appears in The Transformers: The Movie and an episode of ITV's Science Fiction Series "________".
United StatesPrimevalCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 8: It was subsequently used by the Fourth Doctor (in City of Death) and the Fifth Doctor (in ________ and Mawdryn Undead).
LogopolisCastrovalvaThe Five DoctorsCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 9: Pertwee played the role on screen one last time in the 1993 charity special ________.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)Doctor WhoDimensions in Time

Question 10: A brief clip of the Third Doctor taken from "________" appears in "The Next Doctor", and another appears in The Sarah Jane Adventures story The Mad Woman in the Attic as a flashback.
The Five DoctorsThe Claws of AxosTerror of the AutonsThe Mind of Evil


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