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Third-person shooter: Quiz


Question 1: [13] ________ is another first-person shooter that switches to a third-person perspective when rolling around the environment using the morph ball.
Metroid: Zero MissionMetroid PrimeMetroid Prime 2: EchoesMetroid Prime 3: Corruption

Question 2: [3] This viewpoint facilitates more interaction between the character and their surrounding environment, such as the use of tactical cover in ________,[8] or navigating tight quarters.
Unreal Tournament 3Unreal TournamentGears of WarGears of War 2

Question 3: ________
List of first-person shootersPlatform gameCapture the flagList of freeware first-person shooters

Question 4: [21] Richard Rouse III wrote in GamaSutra that the game was the most popular third person shooter for the ________.
PlayStation 3PlayStation 2PlayStation PortablePlayStation

Question 5: [30][31] Damnation, published by ________, experiments with exceedingly tall levels and acrobatic gameplay.
SegaMega DriveCodemastersCommodore 64

Question 6: [22] Max Payne (2002) was acclaimed as a superlative third person shooter, inspired by ________.
Hong Kong action cinemaOnce Upon a Time in ChinaThe Killer (1989 film)Swordsman II

Question 7: [28] Gears of War, as well as games such as ________, place a greater emphasis on two player cooperative play,[29] as does Resident Evil 5.
PlayStation 3Army of TwoEntertainment Software Rating BoardArmy of Two: The 40th Day

Question 8: Syphon Filter combined the perspective of Tomb Raider with action elements of games such as ________ and Metal Gear Solid.
Perfect DarkJames BondStar Fox AdventuresGoldenEye 007

Question 9: [24] The acclaimed ________ employed tactical elements such as taking cover,[26] using off-centre viewpoints inspired by Resident Evil 4.
Gears of War 2Unreal TournamentUnreal Tournament 3Gears of War

Question 10: The critically acclaimed ________ (2005) was influential in helping to redefine the third-person shooter genre, which it attempted to combine with survival horror elements.
Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesResident Evil 2Resident Evil 5Resident Evil 4

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