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Thiol: Quiz


Question 1: Thiols are also responsible for a class of ________ caused by an unintended reaction between sulfur and yeast and the "skunky" odor of beer which has been exposed to ultraviolet light.
Wine faultAcetic acidAcids in wineFermentation (wine)

Question 2: The νSH band appears near 2400 cm−1 in the ________.
MicrowaveX-rayElectromagnetic spectrumGamma ray

Question 3: For example, grapefruit mercaptan, a monoterpenoid thiol, is responsible for the characteristic scent of ________.
GrapefruitCitrusDietary fiberOrange (fruit)

Question 4: Due to the small ________ difference between sulfur and hydrogen, an S-H bond is less polar than the hydroxyl group.
ElectronegativityHalogenNoble gasPeriodic table

Question 5: Spectroscopic indicators are the D2O-exchangeable SH signal in the 1H ________ (S has no useful "NMR isotopes").
Electron paramagnetic resonanceNMR spectroscopyNuclear magnetic resonanceSpectroscopy

Question 6: Many thiols have strong odors resembling that of ________.

Question 7: In organic chemistry, a thiol is a compound that contains the functional group composed of a sulfur-________ bond (-SH).

Question 8: As the functional group of the ________ cysteine, the thiol group plays an important role in biology.
Amino acid synthesisL-DOPAMetabolismAmino acid

Question 9: Organolithium compounds and ________ react with sulfur to give the thiolates, which are readily hydrolyzed:[6]
Organometallic chemistryBeta-Hydride eliminationGilman reagentGrignard reaction

Question 10: The direct reaction of a ________ with sodium hydrosulfide is generally inefficient owing to the competing formation of thioethers:
HaloalkaneAlkeneAlcoholOrganofluorine chemistry


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