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Question 1:
Thing (listening device), Thing (listening device) and RYAN are all:
Espionage devices Soviet inventions Soviet Union %E2%80%93 United States relations Soviet Union intelligence operations

Question 2:
Thing (listening device), Espionage and Security clearance are all:
Espionage Russian inventions Espionage devices Surveillance

Question 3:
Thing (listening device), KGB and Alpha Group are all:
Russian inventions KGB Espionage techniques Soviet Union %E2%80%93 United States relations

Question 4:
Thing (listening device), Periodic table and Chromatography are all:
Espionage devices Surveillance Espionage techniques Russian inventions

Question 5: ________ Averell Harriman, as a "gesture of friendship" to the USSR's World War II ally.
Consul (representative)AmbassadorDiplomatic rankDiplomatic mission

Question 6: On the fourth day of meetings in the United Nations Security Council, convened by the Soviet Union over the ________ where a U.S.
1960 U-2 incidentCold WarCold War (1953–1962)Central Intelligence Agency

Question 7:
Thing (listening device), AK-47 and Satellite are all:
Espionage techniques Russian inventions Soviet inventions Espionage

Question 8:
Thing (listening device), Social network and Police are all:
Surveillance Espionage devices Espionage techniques Soviet inventions

Question 9:
Thing (listening device), Spyware and Steganography are all:
Espionage techniques Russian inventions Soviet Union %E2%80%93 United States relations KGB

Question 10: It is considered a predecessor of current ________ technology, because it was likewise passive, being energized and activated by electromagnetic waves from an outside source.
ShanghaiLondonRadio-frequency identificationUnited States


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