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Theurgy: Quiz


Question 1: Topics in Hermetism
Qabalah Occult and divinatory tarot Hermetists and Hermeticists
________ .
EnglandLondonEuropeJohn Dee

Question 2: Julian favored ritual theurgy, with an emphasis on sacrifice and ________.
ReligionAbrahamic religionsMeditationPrayer

Question 3: Although the Neoplatonists were polytheists, they also embraced a form of ________.
René DescartesBaruch SpinozaMonismExistentialism

Question 4: ________ (τό ἕν), The One: Deity without quality, sometimes called The Good.
The AllAbsolute (philosophy)HermeticismMysticism

Question 5: Therefore, his school resembles a school of ________ or contemplation.

Question 6: ________ accepts theurgy as a tradition that could benefit one greatly.
MysticismGnosticismEsoteric ChristianityEsotericism

Question 7: Iamblichus of Calcis (Syria), a student of Porphyry (who was himself a student of ________) taught a more ritualized method of theurgy that involved invocation and religious, as well as magical, ritual.

Question 8: ________ (Νοῦς), Mind: The Universal consciousness, from which proceeds
NousDunamisCosmological argumentAristotle

Question 9: Because of his death and the hold mainstream Christianity had over the empire at the time, this was ultimately unsuccessful, but he did produce several works of philosophy and theology, including a popular ________ to the sun.
HymnChristian metalGospel musicChristian music

Question 10: For ________, and Iamblichus' teachers Anatolius and Porphyry, the emanations are as follows:


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