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Thessaly: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the capital of Thessaly?

Question 2: In 1204 he was assigned to ________ and in 1225 to Theodore Komnenos Doukas, despot of Epirus.
Fourth CrusadeBoniface I, Marquess of MontferratManuel I KomnenosConrad of Montferrat

Question 3: Thessaly is the leading cattle-raising area of ________, and Vlach shepherds shift large flocks of sheep and goats seasonally between higher and lower elevations.

Question 4: Olympus along the Aegean coast, terminating in the ________ Peninsula that envelops the Pagasetic Gulf (also called the Gulf of Volos), and forms an inlet of the Aegean Sea.
EuboeaKarditsa PrefectureLarissa PrefectureMagnesia

Question 5: In ________'s epic, the Odyssey, Odysseus visits the kingdom of Aeolus, and this is the old name for Thessaly.
Classical antiquityAncient GreeceTroyHomer

Question 6: The Trikala and ________ lowlands form a central plain which is surrounded by ring of mountains.

Question 7: There are a number of highways E75 and the main railway from ________ to Thessaloniki (Salonika) crosses Thessaly.

Question 8: The Plain of Thessaly, which lies between Mount Oeta/Othrys and Mount Olympus, is the site of the battle between the ________ and the Olympians.
Titan (mythology)CronusAtlas (mythology)Prometheus

Question 9: In 148 BC the Romans formally incorporated Thessaly into the province of Macedonia, though in 300 AD Thessaly was made a separate province with its capital at ________.

Question 10: The region is directly linked to the rest of Europe through International Airport of Central Greece located in Nea Anchialos in a small distance from Volos and ________.


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