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Thermostat: Quiz


Question 1: Digital thermostats use either a relay or a semiconductor device such as triac to act as switch to control the ________ unit.
Ventilation (architecture)Air handlerAir conditionerHVAC

Question 2: The advantage of the low voltage control system is the ability to operate multiple electromechanical switching devices such as ________, contactors, and sequencers using inherently safe voltage and current levels.
RelayElectric motorElectromagnetElectricity

Question 3: It also provides ________ to prevent short heating cycles, as the temperature must be raised several degrees before the contacts will open.
MagnetismHysteresisElectricityMagnetic field

Question 4: Some advanced models have touch screens, or the ability to work with home automation or ________ systems.
BACnetLighting control systemProgrammable logic controllerBuilding automation

Question 5: Most also have a ________, and time-of-day and even day-of-week settings for the temperature, used for comfort and energy conservation.
Water clockHorologyClockMarine chronometer

Question 6: A thermostat is used in internal combustion engines to maintain the engine at its optimum operating temperature by regulating the flow of ________ to an external heat sink, usually an air cooled radiator.

Question 7: Some ________ will control these systems.
Alternating currentReversing valveProgrammable thermostatFan (mechanical)

Question 8: The sealed chamber has an expansion provision that operates a rod which opens a ________ when the operating temperature is exceeded.
EngineDiesel engineInternal combustion engineValve

Question 9: Wait (if furnace is relatively recent) until the ________ is at proper operating temperature before starting main blower fan or circulator pump
WaterFoulingHeat exchangerShell and tube heat exchanger

Question 10: [citation needed] The ________ article provides basic information on the operation, selection and installation of such a thermostat.
Alternating currentFan (mechanical)Programmable thermostatReversing valve

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