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Thermodynamic equilibrium: Quiz


Question 1: The opposite of equilibrium systems are ________ systems that are instantaneously off balance.
Non-equilibrium thermodynamicsEntropyThermodynamicsGibbs free energy

Question 2: Or as the ________, i.e.
EntropyInternal energyStatistical mechanicsGibbs free energy

Question 3: The local state of a system at thermodynamic equilibrium is determined by the values of its intensive parameters, as ________, temperature, etc.
Pressure measurementPressureForceVacuum

Question 4: If energies of the molecules located near a given point are observed, they will be distributed according to the ________ for a certain temperature.
Exponential distributionMaxwell–Boltzmann distributionWigner semicircle distributionNormal distribution

Question 5: In a radiating gas, the ________ being emitted and absorbed by the gas need not be in thermodynamic equilibrium with each other or with the massive particles of the gas in order for LTE to exist.
ElectronPhotonAtomStandard Model

Question 6: Two systems are in mechanical equilibrium when their ________ are the same.
Pressure measurementPressureForceTemperature

Question 7: As an example, ________ controls heat exchanges.
LightningWater vaporThermodynamic temperatureTemperature

Question 8: Specifically, thermodynamic equilibrium is characterized by the minimum of a thermodynamic potential, such as the ________, i.e.
Internal energyStatistical mechanicsGibbs free energyHelmholtz free energy

Question 9: For example, an ideal gas whose distribution function has stabilised to a specific ________ would be in thermal equilibrium.
Wigner semicircle distributionExponential distributionMaxwell–Boltzmann distributionNormal distribution

Question 10: Going back to our example, the diffusion of ________ will lead our glass of water toward global thermodynamic equilibrium, a state in which the temperature of the glass is completely homogeneous.
HeatEnergyEntropyInternal energy


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