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Thermal management of electronic devices and systems: Quiz


Question 1: In common use, it is a metal object brought into contact with an ________ component's hot surface — though in most cases, a thin thermal interface material mediates between the two surfaces.
ElectronicsEngineeringElectronic engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 2: Also, some heat sinks are constructed of multiple materials with desirable characteristics, such as ________, which can store a great deal of energy due to their heat of fusion.
GoldTitaniumCopperPhase Change Material

Question 3: Ideally, heat sinks are made from a good thermal conductor such as silver, gold, copper, or ________ alloy.

Question 4: The high ________ of the metal combined with its large surface area result in the rapid transfer of thermal energy to the surrounding, cooler, air.
Thermal conductivityAluminiumCopperSilver

Question 5: Frequently a thermally conductive grease is used to ensure optimal thermal contact; such compounds often contain ________.
PneumoniaAIDSArgyriaMedical uses of silver

Question 6: ________ generated by electronic devices and circuitry must be dissipated to improve reliability and prevent premature failure.
Internal energyHeatTemperatureEnergy

Question 7: Peltier (pronounced /ˈpɛltyeɪ/) cooling plates take advantage of what is known as the ________ to create a heat flux between the junction of two different types of materials.
Electromotive forceThermoelectric effectElectronThermopower

Question 8: Prominent aftermarket heat sink manufacturers include: Aero Cool, , ________, Thermalright, Thermaltake, Swiftech, and Zalman.
China Construction BankSwire GroupHang Seng BankFoxconn

Question 9: More recently, ________ cooling sinks are being researched to provide better cooling.
TitaniumCarbonAluminiumSynthetic diamond

Question 10: A typical heat pipe consists of sealed hollow tube made of a thermoconductive metal such as copper or ________.


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