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Thermal insulation: Quiz


Question 1: Launch and re-entry place severe mechanical stresses on spacecraft, so the strength of an insulator is critically important (as seen by the failure of insulating foam on the ________).
Space Shuttle ChallengerSpace Shuttle EndeavourSpace Shuttle ColumbiaSpace Shuttle Challenger disaster

Question 2: The term thermal insulation can refer to materials used to reduce the rate of ________, or the methods and processes used to reduce heat transfer.
Thermal conductivityHeat transferTemperatureHeat exchanger

Question 3: ________ energy can be transferred by conduction, convection, radiation or by actual movement of material from one location to another.
EntropyTemperatureInternal energyHeat

Question 4: When well insulated, usually with fiberglass insulation, a ________:

Question 5: See also weatherization and ________; both describe important methods of saving energy and creating comfort.
Specific heat capacityHeatThermal massPassive solar building design


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