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Thermal conductivity: Quiz


Question 1: ________, a gas denser than air, is often used in insulated glazing (double paned windows) to improve their insulation characteristics.

Question 2: Examples of these include expanded and extruded polystyrene (popularly referred to as "styrofoam") and silica ________.

Question 3: In metals, thermal conductivity approximately tracks ________ according to the Wiedemann-Franz law, as freely moving valence electrons transfer not only electric current but also heat energy.
Electrical resistanceCopperResistivityElectrical conductivity

Question 4: Please consult the ________ for more accurate values, references and detailed information.
CarbonList of thermal conductivitiesIronOxygen

Question 5: Dense gases such as ________ and dichlorodifluoromethane have low thermal conductivity.

Question 6: However, the general correlation between electrical and thermal conductance does not hold for other materials, due to the increased importance of ________ carriers for heat in non-metals.

Question 7: First, we define ________, H:
Conduction (heat)Heat transferR-value (insulation)Thermal conductivity

Question 8: It appears primarily in Fourier's Law for ________.
Conduction (heat)Heat transferThermal conductivityR-value (insulation)

Question 9: Alternatively, it can be thought of as a ________ of heat (energy per unit area per unit time) divided by a temperature gradient (temperature difference per unit length)
Magnetic fieldGauss's lawMaxwell's equationsFlux

Question 10: A thermal conductance tester, one of the instruments of gemology, determines if gems are genuine ________ using diamond's uniquely high thermal conductivity.


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