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Thermal comfort: Quiz


Question 1: Maintaining thermal comfort for occupants of buildings or other enclosures is one of the important goals of ________ design engineers.
HVACAir conditionerVentilation (architecture)Air handler

Question 2: Building Facades and Thermal Comfort: The impacts of climate, solar shading, and glazing on the indoor thermal environment. ________, 2008
WikipediaAlexa InternetGermanyVDM Publishing House

Question 3: Human thermal comfort is defined by ________ as the state of mind that expresses satisfaction with the surrounding environment (ASHRAE Standard 55).
HVACUnited StatesAtlantaAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Question 4: This attempts to predict the impact of solar radiation, air movement, and ________ for military personnel undergoing training exercises or athletes during competitive events.
HumidityWindPrecipitation (meteorology)Water vapor

Question 5: Also, thermal discomfort has been known to lead to ________ symptoms.
Occupational safety and healthJob satisfactionSick building syndromeWork–life balance

Question 6: Air movement/velocity (see ________)
Heat indexTemperatureWind chillDew point

Question 7: Thermal comfort is affected by heat conduction, ________, radiation, and evaporative heat loss.


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