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There she is!!: Quiz


Question 1: Translating Nabi's name strangely returns "________"[6], possibly due to the fact that Nabi is always "flying" from Doki.

Question 2: The characters names weren't disclosed until ________ in preparation for the trilogy (parts 3-5) of sequels.

Question 3: There she is!! (Korean: 떳다 그녀!!) is a ________ series produced by a three-person team and hosted on the Korean website SamBakZa.
Animated cartoonFlash animationAnimationAdult animation

Question 4: Several requests have been made for various 'There she is!!' merchandising, such as T-shirts and ________[11].
HD DVDLaserdiscBlu-ray DiscDVD

Question 5: As of February 2010, the five episodes of the series have been viewed over 10 million times on ________.
NewgroundsGary BrolsmaAdobe FlashNuma Numa

Question 6: Doki: Doki (도키, cf. Korean word tokki 토끼 "rabbit"[3]) is a female ________ who is madly in love with Nabi and considers everyone to be her friends.
RabbitEuropean RabbitSnowshoe HareEuropean Hare

Question 7: Korean word goyang'i 고양이, "kitty"[4]) is a male ________, and Doki's love interest in the story.
Gray WolfCatLionRaccoon

Question 8: At the ________ Anima Mundi animation festival in Brazil, this video won first place in both the Web Animation - Professional Jury and Web Animation - Audience divisions, as well as winning the Special Award Anima Mundi Web.

Question 9: Its soundtrack is the ________ song "There she is" (떳다!
Bubblegum popBoy bandK-popJ-pop


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