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Theravada: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Gandharan texts
KhandhakaPāli CanonSutta PitakaParivara

Question 2: The Pali Tipitaka consists of three parts: the Vinaya Pitaka, Sutta Pitaka and ________.
BuddhismAbhidhamma PitakaAnguttara NikayaKathavatthu

Question 3:
Theravada, Early Buddhist schools and Consciousness-only are all:
Buddhist terms Nikaya schools P%C4%81li words and phrases Early Buddhist Schools

Question 4: ultimatism: tendency to concentrate on advanced teachings such as the ________ at the expense of more elementary ones
SkandhaBuddhismFour Noble TruthsNirvana

Question 5: In Theravada, the cause of human existence and suffering (________) is identified as craving (tanha), which carries with it the defilements (kilesas).
Buddhism and HinduismNirvanaDukkhaBuddhism

Question 6: mention a Buddhist kingdom by the name of Lin-Yang, which some scholars have identified as the ancient Pyu kingdom of Beikthano[17][18] 300 km north of ________.
Yangon DivisionThanlyinDagon TownshipYangon

Question 7: The continuing influence of the ________ in Sri Lanka may play a role in the taboo against temporary ordination and leaving the monkhood.
CasteRacial segregationRacismReligious intolerance

Question 8:
Theravada, Early Buddhist schools and Sarvastivada are all:
Buddhist terms Nikaya schools Early Buddhist Schools P%C4%81li words and phrases

Question 9: Dukkha Nirodha Gamini Patipada (pathway to freedom from suffering): This is the Noble Eightfold Pathway towards freedom or ________.
SkandhaBuddhism and HinduismNirvanaBuddhism

Question 10: [15] Scholar opinions differ as to where exactly this land of Suvannabhumi is located, but Suvannabhumi is believed to be located somewhere in the area which now includes lower ________, Thailand, Malay Peninsula and Sumatra Island.


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