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Theotokos: Quiz


Question 1: For example, Juno was revered as the mother of Vulcan; Aphrodite, as the mother of ________.

Question 2: Theotókos) is the Greek title of Mary, the mother of Jesus used especially in the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and ________.
East–West SchismLatin RiteRoman Catholic theologyEastern Catholic Churches

Question 3: As ________ wrote, "I am amazed that there are some who are entirely in doubt as to whether the holy Virgin should be called Theotokos or not.
John ChrysostomCyril of AlexandriaBasil of CaesareaAthanasius of Alexandria

Question 4: ________ in 330, Gregory the Theologian in 370, John Chrysostom in 400, and Augustine all used Theotokos.
Athanasius of AlexandriaBasil of CaesareaCyril of AlexandriaEast–West Schism

Question 5: Roman Catholics, ________, and some Protestants use the title Mother of God more often than Theotokos.
AnglicanismEpiscopal Church (United States)Ecumenical councilCatholicism

Question 6: The most prominent of these were Latin (Deipara, Dei genetrix and, as paraphrased, Mater Dei), ________ (Богородица translit.
Russian languageChurch Slavonic languageMacedonian languageOld Church Slavonic

Question 7: ________ (ca 1130), Gelati Monastery, Georgia
CollageMosaicStained glassCeramic art

Question 8: Mother of God, mosaic icon, ________
ConstantinopleHagia SophiaByzantine EmpireChora Church

Question 9: Theotokos is a compound of two Greek words, Θεός ________ and τόκος parturition, childbirth.

Question 10: ________ wrote in 436 that calling the Virgin Mary Theotokos is an apostolic tradition.
Church FathersNew TestamentTheodoretChristianity

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