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Theosophy: Quiz


Question 1: Theosophy was closely linked to the Indian independence movement: the ________ was founded during a Theosophical conference, and many of its leaders, including M. K. Gandhi were associated with theosophy.
All India Forward BlocIndian National CongressKerala Pradesh Congress CommitteeAbul Kalam Azad

Question 2: In 1875 she founded the Theosophical Society in ________ together with Henry Steel Olcott, who was a lawyer and writer.
BrooklynNew York CityManhattanNew York metropolitan area

Question 3: There was a group of Renaissance philosophers: ________, Paracelsus, Robert Fludd, and, especially, Jacob Boehme; the Enlightenment theologian Emanuel Swedenborg was influenced by these.
Magic (paranormal)Heinrich Cornelius AgrippaGiordano BrunoNostradamus

Question 4: The fifth principle is ________ (Sanskrit, from the verbal root man meaning to think).
ReligionManaMagic (paranormal)Numen

Question 5: Other influences of anthroposophical thought include biodynamic agriculture, ________ and the acting techniques of Michael Chekhov.
Ita WegmanAnthroposophical medicineWaldorf educationRudolf Steiner

Question 6: The present-day New Age movement is to a considerable extent based on the teachings of Blavatsky, though some writers have described ________ as the founder of the "New Age movement".
Jane RobertsAlice BaileyJosé ArgüellesDavid Spangler

Question 7: Most of present day humanity belongs to the fifth rootrace, the ________, which originally developed on Atlantis,.
Iranian peoplesAryan raceAryanMiscegenation

Question 8: Some prominent Hindu leaders, such as ________ criticized Theosophy.
Rahul SankrityayanKazi Nazrul IslamSwami VivekanandaSri Aurobindo

Question 9: Perhaps the image of a suspension or ________ in chemistry is an apt perspective.
LiquidSolidPlasma (physics)Colloid

Question 10: The adjective θεόσοφος "wise in divine things" was applied by ________ (De mysteriis 7.1) to the gymnosophists (Γυμνοσοφισταί), i.e.
XenocratesCassius Longinus (philosopher)PlatoIamblichus


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