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Theosis: Quiz


Question 1: Living in the community of the church and partaking regularly of the sacraments, and especially the ________, is taken for granted.
TransubstantiationEucharistEucharistic theologySacramental bread

Question 2: Such a concept would be the ________ or absorption into God of Greek pagan philosophy.

Question 3: [8] Some Liberal Christian universalists with New Age leanings also share a similar ________.
Islamic eschatologyEschatologyApocalypticismChristian eschatology

Question 4: This theological concept is derived from both Biblical interpretation, declared revelations (Doctrine and Covenants 76) and is found summarized within a sermon by Joseph Smith called the ________.
Wilford WoodruffMormonKing Follett discourseBrigham Young

Question 5: Some Orthodox theologians go so far as to say that Jesus would have become ________ for this reason alone, even if Adam and Eve had never sinned.

Question 6: ________ wrote, "A sure warrant for looking forward with hope to deification of human nature is provided by the incarnation of God, which makes man god to the same degree as God himself became man....
Catholic ChurchOrthodox ChurchMaximus the ConfessorMonothelitism

Question 7: ________ (a non-Christian idea which compares human greatness to godlike status)
ApolloAlexander the GreatEleusinian MysteriesApotheosis

Question 8: ________ affirmed the possibility of humanity's union with God in his energies, while also affirming that because of God's transcendence and utter otherness, it is impossible for any person or other creature to know or to be united with God's essence.
Gregory PalamasOrthodox ChurchHesychasmByzantine Rite

Question 9: Related terms: Consecration, Deification, ________
PredestinationBaptismJustification (theology)Sanctification

Question 10: Early during the Reformation, thought was given to the doctrine of union with Christ (unio cum Christo) as the precursor to the entire process of salvation and ________.
PredestinationSanctificationBaptismJustification (theology)


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