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Theory of relativity: Quiz


Question 1: Orbits ________ in a way unexpected in Newton's theory of gravity.
ForceAxial precession (astronomy)General relativityPrecession

Question 2: Special relativity is a theory of the structure of ________.
T-symmetryProper timeSpacetimeTime dilation

Question 3: This is incompatible with classical mechanics and ________ because in those theories inertially moving objects cannot accelerate with respect to each other, but objects in free fall do so.
Special relativityGeneral relativityMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetism

Question 4: The upshot of this is that free fall is inertial motion; an object in free fall is falling because that is how objects move when there is no force being exerted on them, instead of this being due to the force of gravity as is the case in ________.
PhysicsClassical mechanicsEnergyContinuum mechanics

Question 5: ________: Objects are measured to be shortened in the direction that they are moving with respect to the observer.
Length contractionLorentz transformationSpecial relativityLorentz ether theory

Question 6: Technically, general relativity is a metric theory of gravitation whose defining feature is its use of the ________.
Introduction to general relativityEinstein field equationsGravitational waveExact solutions in general relativity

Question 7: In 1915, he devised the ________ which relate the curvature of spacetime with the mass, energy, and momentum within it.
GravitationIntroduction to general relativityEinstein field equationsGeneral relativity

Question 8: in the ________ that supports postulate 2, but also has many surprising consequences.
Special relativityLuminiferous aetherMichelson–Morley experimentAlbert Einstein

Question 9: Rays of ________ bend in the presence of a gravitational field.

Question 10: The term "theory of relativity" was coined by ________ in 1908 to emphasize how special relativity (and later, general relativity) uses the principle of relativity.
Max PlanckNiels BohrWilhelm WienAlbert Einstein

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