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Theoria: Quiz


Question 1: As it is the stage of ________ where one beholds God.
Justification (theology)Orthodox ChurchTheosisBaptism

Question 2: Only a heart purified of passion is capable of that peculiar awe and wonder before God which stills the nous into joyful silence." ________
RussiaEnglandArchimandrite SophronyFyodor Dostoyevsky

Question 3: ________ says that theoria and praxis are beneficial because theoria ...
Gregory of NazianzusJohn ChrysostomBasil of CaesareaAthanasius of Alexandria

Question 4: The word has its origin in the Greek language and is derived from the same root as the English word ________.
EmpiricismMathematicsScientific methodTheory

Question 5: Under St ________ (1296 - 1359AD) the different traditions of theoria where synthesized into an understanding of theoria as meaning that through baptism one receives the Holy Spirit.
HesychasmGregory PalamasByzantine RiteOrthodox Church

Question 6: Hell in the West is a created place of damnation, this being taught most explicitly in ________'s classic work Inferno[57].
Peter AbelardPope John Paul IIDante AlighieriCatholic Church

Question 7: Thalassios wrote that when man’s nous begins with simple faith, it ‘will eventually attain a theology that transcends the ________ and that is characterised by unremitting faith of the highest type and the vision of the invisible’".
AristotleDunamisCosmological argumentNous

Question 8: Theoria is not ________ per se but is rather the union we hope to attain with God — the term is used relationally here, otherwise the sentence would say "reside in God alone".

Question 9: Theoria is in contrast to ________ or symbolic interruptions of church traditions.
AllegoryC. S. LewisJ. R. R. TolkienPlato

Question 10: Traditions
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodoxy
Syriac Christianity
Eastern Catholic ChurchesLatin RiteEast–West SchismRoman Catholic theology


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