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Theoretical computer science: Quiz


Question 1: In the same decade, ________ introduced a mathematical model of learning in the brain.
Donald O. HebbNeuropsychologyBehavioral neuroscienceMemory

Question 2: While logical inference and mathematical proof had existed in ancient times, in 1931 Kurt Gödel proved with his ________ that there were fundamental limitations on what statements, even if true, could be proved.
Hilbert's programGödel's incompleteness theoremsLogical atomismMathematical logic

Question 3: While binary and logical systems of mathematics had existed before 1703, when ________ formalized logic with binary values for true and false.
Ludwig WittgensteinImmanuel KantPlatoGottfried Leibniz

Question 4: With mounting biological data supporting this hypothesis with some modification, the fields of ________ and parallel distributed processing were established.
Artificial intelligenceNeural networkArtificial neural networkComputational neuroscience

Question 5: ________
List of important publications in computer scienceList of important publications in theoretical computer scienceRichard HammingAdi Shamir

Question 6: With the development of ________ in the beginning of the 20th century came the concept that mathematical operations could be performed on an entire particle wavefunction.
Introduction to quantum mechanicsWave–particle dualityQuantum mechanicsSchrödinger equation

Question 7: Theoretical computer science is a branch of computer science that focuses on the more abstract, logical and mathematical aspects of computing, such as the theory of computation, ________, and semantics of programming languages.
Analysis of algorithmsInsertion sortBig O notationNP-complete

Question 8: These developments have led to the modern study of logic and ________, and indeed the field of theoretical computer science as a whole.
Gödel's incompleteness theoremsComputabilityKnowledge representation and reasoningLogical atomism

Question 9: Information theory was added to the field with a 1948 theory of the statistical mechanics of information by ________.
George DantzigClaude ShannonNorbert WienerJohn R. Pierce

Question 10: Covers theory of computation, but also program semantics and ________.
Mathematical logicFirst-order logicModel theoryAlfred Tarski


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