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Theorbo: Quiz


Question 1: In the performance of ________, theorboes were often paired with a small pipe organ.
Figured bassOrnament (music)ClefModern musical symbols

Question 2: Solo music for the theorbo is notated in ________.
TablatureOrnament (music)LegatoMusical notation

Question 3: While usually players will have the top two courses down an octave in re├źntrant tuning, this does create problems for voice leading and the playing of harmonies above the bass when accompanying and playing ________.
ClefModern musical symbolsFigured bassOrnament (music)

Question 4: The most prominent players and composers of the chitarrone in Italy were ________ and Alessandro Piccinini.
BaroqueJohann Jakob FrobergerStefano LandiJohannes Hieronymus Kapsberger

Question 5: Typically, theorboes have 14 courses, though a very few pieces from the early ________ period require a 19-course theorbo.
Western art historyMannerismBaroqueRenaissance


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