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Theophilus of Antioch: Quiz


Question 1: Jacques Paul Migne's ________[39], and a small edition (Cambridge 1852) by W.
Pope Clement IChurch FathersPatrologia GraecaApostolic Fathers

Question 2: History
Ecumenical council
Christianization of Bulgaria
Christianization of Kievan Rus'
East-West Schism
By region
Asian - Copts
Eastern Orthodox - Georgian - Ukrainian
Byzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Question 3: He discovers the reason of blood coagulating on the surface of the ground in the divine word to ________[20], the earth struck with terror refusing to drink it in.
Cain and AbelAbrahamBibleMoses

Question 4: He makes the truth of Christianity depend on his demonstration that the books of the Old Testament were long ________ to the writings of the Greeks and were divinely inspired.
DigestionEarAnatomical terms of locationAnatomy

Question 5: Theophilus regards the Sibylline books that were still in Rome as authentic and inspired productions, quoting the ________ (scholars dispute that these are the same) largely as declaring the same truths with the prophets.
Sibylline oraclesEarly ChristianityJustin MartyrGnosticism

Question 6: We gather from his writings (the only remaining being his apology to Autolycus) that he was born a pagan, not far from the Tigris and ________, and was led to embrace Christianity by studying the Holy Scriptures, especially the prophetical books[4].
IraqAkkadian EmpireEuphratesSumer

Question 7: Liturgy and Worship
Sign of the cross
Divine Liturgy

Question 8: Eusebius, however, speaks of the zeal which he and the other chief shepherds displayed in driving away the heretics who were attacking Christ's flock, with special mention of his work against ________[5].
Early ChristianityMarcion of SinopeMarcionismChristianity in the 2nd century

Question 9: He made contributions to the departments of ________ literature, polemics, exegetics, and apologetics.
EcumenismChristianityBaptistChristian denomination

Question 10: He quotes very largely from the ________ and to a smaller extent from the other historical books.


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