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Question 1: He strengthened the Walls of Constantinople, and built a hospital, which continued in existence till the twilight of the ________.
Roman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireByzantine Iconoclasm

Question 2: At the time of his accession, Theophilos was obliged to wage wars against the ________ on two fronts.
Arab peopleSyriaIraqPalestinian people

Question 3: ________ The Empire of the Arabs, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1963
1948 Arab–Israeli WarSyriaJohn Bagot GlubbJordan

Question 4: In 831 Theophilos retaliated by leading a large army into ________ and capturing Tarsus.

Question 5: 836, and the peace between Bulgaria and the ________ was quickly restored.
Byzantine EmpireByzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman EmpireRoman Empire

Question 6: Thekla, who was a mistress of Emperor ________.
Leo VI the WiseBasil IManuel I KomnenosMichael III

Question 7: On July 21, 838 at the ________ in Dazimon, Theophilos personally led a Byzantine army of 25,000 men (possibly 40,000 men?) against the troops commanded by Afshin.
Byzantine EmpireBattle of AnzenTheophilos (emperor)Theophobos

Question 8: [6] Around 841, the Republic of Venice sent a fleet of 60 galleys (each carrying 200 men) to assist the Byzantines in driving the ________ from Crotone, but it failed.
IraqSyriaArab peoplePalestinian people

Question 9: In 837 Theophilos led a vast army of 70,000 men towards ________, and captured Melitene and Samosata.
BabyloniaMesopotamiaAkkadian EmpireSumer

Question 10: Theophilos continued in his predecessors' iconoclast, though without his father's more conciliatory tone, issuing an edict in 832 forbidding the veneration of ________.
Hagia SophiaIconByzantine EmpireByzantine Iconoclasm


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