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Theon of Alexandria: Quiz


Question 1: Theon is portrayed in ________'s Flow Down Like Silver, Hypatia of Alexandria[1] in a highly imaginative way.
Ki LongfellowThe Secret MagdaleneUnited StatesVivian Stanshall

Question 2: Some scholars think that they were closed by the patriarch Theophilus on order of the Christian Roman emperor ________ in 391 AD.
DiocletianValentinian IIConstantine ITheodosius I

Question 3: 405 AD) was a Greek[1] (or as some scholars contend an Egyptian)[2] scholar and mathematician who lived in ________, Egypt.
Alexander the GreatAncient GreeceGreeceAlexandria

Question 4: These included a "conferences" (Synousiai) on Euclid, and commentaries (Exegeseis) on the Handy Tables and ________ of Ptolemy, and on the technical poet Aratus.

Question 5: The biographical tradition (Suda) defines Theon as "the man from the Mouseion"; actually, both the Library of Alexandria and the Mouseion may have been destroyed a century before by the Emperor ________ during his struggle against Zenobia.
AurelianDiocletianGallienusConstantine I

Question 6: Theon's most durable achievement may be his edition of ________'s Elements, published around 364 and authoritative into the 19th century.


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