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Theology: Quiz


Question 1: ________ defined the Latin equivalent, theologia, as "reasoning or discussion concerning the Deity",[1] Richard Hooker defined "theology" in English as "the science of things divine".
Thomas AquinasBlaise PascalAugustine of HippoAnselm of Canterbury

Question 2: [10] The sense the word has in English depends in large part on the sense the Latin and Greek equivalents had acquired in ________ and medieval Christian usage, though the English term has now spread beyond Christian contexts.
Church FathersEast–West SchismPatristicsEarly Christianity

Question 3: Theologians use various forms of analysis and argument (philosophical, ethnographic, historical, ________ and others) to help understand, explain, test, critique, defend or promote any of myriad religious topics.
ReligionAtheismRelationship between religion and scienceSpirituality

Question 4: Theology is the study of a ________ or, more generally, the study of religious faith, practice, and experience, or of spirituality.

Question 5: by ________ in The Republic, Book ii, Ch.
PlatoBertrand RussellImmanuel KantAristotle

Question 6: [11] ________ divided theoretical philosophy into mathematike, physike and theologike, with the latter corresponding roughly to metaphysics, which, for Aristotle, included discourse on the nature of the divine.
AristotleBertrand RussellPlatoEmpiricism

Question 7: ("________" has been proposed as an alternative, more generic term.
Protestant ReformationAnglicanismSacredProtestantism

Question 8: Clifford • William L. Rowe • ________ • William Wollaston • more ...
William WhewellRelationship between religion and scienceAverroesImmanuel Kant

Question 9: ________ • Exegesis • History of religion • Religion • Religious philosophy • Theology • Relationship between religion and science • Religion and politics • Faith and rationality • more...

Question 10: ________ • Euthyphro dilemma • Faith • Intelligent design • Miracle • Problem of evil • Religious belief • Soul • Spirit  • Theodicy • Theological veto


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