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Theodosius II: Quiz


Question 1: The Eastern Empire was also plagued by short raiding attacks by the ________.
Attila the HunBulgarsByzantine EmpireHuns

Question 2: During a visit to Syria, Theodosius met the preacher ________ and appointed him Patriarch of Constantinople in 428.
NestorianismNestoriusNestorian SchismOriental Orthodoxy

Question 3: To strengthen the ties between the two parts of the Empire, Theodosius' daughter ________ was betrothed to Valentinian.
Galla PlacidiaPlacidiaLicinia EudoxiaMarcia Euphemia

Question 4: The law code of Theodosius II, summarizing edicts promulgated since Constantine, formed a basis for the law code of Emperor ________ in the following century.
Constantine IManuel I KomnenosBasiliscusJustinian I

Question 5: In 429, Theodosius appointed a commission to collect all of the laws since the reign of ________, and create a fully formalized system of law.
MaximianConstantine IMaxentiusDiocletian

Question 6: Eutyches was condemned by Patriarch Flavian of Constantinople but found a powerful friend in Cyril's nephew and successor ________.
Pope Dioscorus I of AlexandriaAthanasius of AlexandriaPope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of AlexandriaCyril of Alexandria

Question 7: Theodosius was born in 401 as the only son of Emperor Arcadius and his Frankish-born wife ________.
Aelia EudoxiaConstantine IJohn ChrysostomByzantine Empire

Question 8: Only after his death in 450 would the decisions be reversed at the ________.
First Council of ConstantinopleFirst Council of NicaeaCouncil of ChalcedonFirst Council of Ephesus

Question 9: ________ of Rome and many other bishops protested against the outcome, but the Emperor supported it.
Pope Leo ICatholic ChurchPope ZosimusPope Gregory I

Question 10: This plan was left unfinished, but the work of a second commission that met in Constantinople, assigned to collect all of the general legislations and bring them up to date was completed, and their collection published as the ________ in 438.
ChristianityRoman EmpireCodex TheodosianusCodex Gregorianus


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