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Theodoric the Great: Quiz


Question 1: In this, Hadubrand recounts the story of his father Hildebrand's flight eastwards in the company of Dietrich, to escape the enmity of ________ (this character would later become his uncle Ermanaric).
OdoacerAlboinCharlemagneTheodoric the Great

Question 2: In 522, the ________ Burgundian king Sigismund killed his own son, Theodoric's grandson, Sergeric.
Ecumenical councilBishopCatholicismCatholic

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Theodoric the Great have?
Consul of the Roman Empire
Last Hour of the Last Day of Work
The Day After Trinity
Senator for New South Wales

Question 4: In the collection of the Heldenbuch ("Book of Heroes"), Dietrich's story is related in Dietrichs Flucht ("Dietrich's Flight"), the Rabenschlacht ("The Battle of ________") and Alpharts Tod ("Alphart's Death")

Question 5: He allied with the Franks by his marriage to Audofleda, sister of Clovis I, and married his own female relatives to princes or kings of the Visigoths, Vandals and ________.
SuebiAlamanniBurgundiansGermanic peoples

Question 6: The man who ruled under the name of Theodoric was born in 454 AD on the banks of the Neusiedler See near Carnuntum, a year after the Ostrogoths had thrown off nearly a century of domination by the ________.
HunsBulgarsByzantine EmpireAttila the Hun

Question 7: In the Book of Bern (Buch von Bern) written in the late 13th century partly by Henry the Fowler, Dietrich tries to regain his empire with the help of the ________.
Byzantine EmpireBulgarsAttila the HunHuns

Question 8: His mausoleum is one of the finest monuments in ________.

Question 9: The earliest evidence of the legend is provided by the ________ lay, the Hildebrandslied, recorded in around 820.
PlatoHeroGreek hero cultGreek mythology

Question 10: He claims Berne, where Thidrek/Didrik started his rise, to be identical with Varne, south of ________, the Roman Verona cisalpina, in the district of the northern Rhine/Eiffel lands.


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