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Question 1: Ts'o is a ________ Developer, maintaining several packages, mostly filesystem-related ones, including e2fsprogs since March 2003.
LinuxDebianXubuntuUbuntu (operating system)

Question 2: As of January, 2010, Ts'o is employed by ________[3] He stated "I’m going to be working on kernel, file system, and storage stuff."[4]
Google LatitudeAndroid (operating system)Google VariationsGoogle

Question 3: Starting December 2001, he was employed by ________, working to improve the performance and scalability of the Linux kernel.
IBMHewlett-PackardIntel CorporationGeneral Electric

Question 4: According to ________ he was the first Linux kernel developer from North America.
Ian MurdockJon Hall (programmer)Richard StallmanLinus Torvalds

Question 5: Theodore Y. "Ted" Ts'o (born 1968) is a software developer mainly known for his contributions to the ________, in particular his contributions to file systems.
SCO-Linux controversiesLoadable kernel moduleLinux kernelGNU/Linux naming controversy

Question 6: He graduated in 1990 from MIT with a degree in ________.
Computer programmingProgramming paradigmComputer scienceSoftware engineering

Question 7: Ts'o replaced Markus Rex, who has returned to ________.
Ray NoordaNovellNovell NetWareMono (software)

Question 8: In December 2007, he went to work for ________.
LAMP (software bundle)GNU ProjectLinux FoundationSCO-Linux controversies

Question 9: He was awarded the ________'s 2006 Award for the Advancement of Free Software.
CopyleftFree Software FoundationDigital rights managementFree software movement


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