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Question 1: He reads several classic novels during the show's run including ________ and Tom Sawyer.
MaguaThe Last of the Mohicans (1992 film)The Last of the MohicansNatty Bumppo

Question 2: In one episode, he tries to pull the wool over his teacher's eyes by watching ________ on TV rather than reading the book.
The Black TulipGeorges (novel)Alexandre Dumas, pèreThe Three Musketeers

Question 3: Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver is the fictional title character in the American television series ________.
Leave It to Beaver (season 1)Leave It to BeaverLeave It to Beaver charactersBeaver Gets 'Spelled (Leave It to Beaver episode)

Question 4: Beaver's best friends are Larry Mondello, Gilbert Bates, ________, and the elderly Gus, a fireman.
Beaver Gets 'Spelled (Leave It to Beaver episode)Leave It to Beaver (season 1)Leave It to BeaverLeave It to Beaver characters

Question 5: Beaver has a paternal great uncle, Billy (________), who makes a few appearances in the series.
Clint EastwoodScreen Director's PlayhouseMaverick (TV series)Edgar Buchanan

Question 6: Beaver's enemies are loud-mouthed, snitching classmate ________ in the early episodes, and, in the later seasons, snooty Penny Woods.
Leave It to Beaver charactersLeave It to BeaverBeaver Gets 'Spelled (Leave It to Beaver episode)Leave It to Beaver (season 1)

Question 7: Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver is portrayed by ________ in the pilot "It's a Small World" , the original series, the spinoff telemovie, Still the Beaver and the sequel series, The New Leave It to Beaver.
Barbara BillingsleyWard CleaverTony DowJerry Mathers

Question 8: Seven-year-old ("almost eight") Beaver is son to June and Ward Cleaver (________ and Hugh Beaumont) and sibling to thirteen-year-old Wally Cleaver (Tony Dow).
Beverly WashburnBarbara BillingsleyLeave It to BeaverThe New Leave It to Beaver

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