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Theocracy: Quiz


Question 1: However, under the ________, Utah Territory was created and Brigham Young was appointed governor.
Mexican CessionAmerican Civil WarTexasCompromise of 1850

Question 2:
Theocracy, Vatican City and Holy Roman Empire are all:
Government Theocracies Religious law Oligarchy

Question 3: [citation needed] See ________.
Islamic bankingCentral bankFull-reserve bankingIslamic economic jurisprudence

Question 4: For example, in ________ civil marriage is governed by Jewish religious institutions for Jews, by Muslim religious institutions for Muslims, and by Christian religious institutions for Christians.
ArmeniaGreeceUnited StatesIsrael

Question 5: In Islam, the period when Medina was ruled by the ________ Muhammad is, occasionally, classed as a theocracy.
Islam and JudaismQur'anProphets of IslamIslamic schools and branches

Question 6:
Theocracy, South Africa under apartheid and Feudalism are all:
Theocracies Separation of church and state Oligarchy Government

Question 7: The largest and best known theocracies in history were the Umayyad and early Abassid ________, and the Papal States.
CaliphateShariaMuslim historyIslam

Question 8: [2] In ________, "theocracy" means a rule [kra′tos] by God [the.os′].
Ancient GreekAncient Greek dialectsGreek languageKoine Greek

Question 9: Most irregular was the non-permanent rule of the Akhoonds (imams) in the later princely state of Swat, a valley in (first British India's, later Pakistan's) ________.
PeshawarSindhNorth-West Frontier ProvincePunjab (Pakistan)

Question 10: Josephus argued that while the Greeks recognized three types of government: monarchy, aristocracy, and ________, the Jews were unique in that they had a system of government that did not fit into those categories.
Anarcho-capitalismLibertarian socialismAnarchismAnarchy


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