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Thebes, Greece: Quiz


Question 1:
How many metres above sea level is Thebes, Greece?
488 m

Question 2:
What is the postcode of Thebes, Greece?

Question 3: Prior to its destruction by Alexander in 335 BC, Thebes was a major force in Greek history, and was the most dominant ________ at the time of the Macedonian conquest of Greece.
Vatican CityMalaysiaCity-stateItaly

Question 4: In ancient times, Thebes was the largest city of the region of ________ and was the leader of the Boeotian confederacy.
Ancient GreeceBoeotiaAncient Thebes (Boeotia)Thebes, Greece

Question 5: Theban forces ended the power of Sparta at the ________ in 371 BC under the command of Epaminondas.
Battle of LeuctraThebes, GreeceBattle of Mantinea (362 BC)Agesilaus II

Question 6: Archaeological excavations in and around Thebes have revealed a Mycenaean settlement and clay tablets written in the Linear B script, indicating the importance of the site in the ________.
Bronze AgeAncient Near EastBronze Age BritainDeverel-Rimbury culture

Question 7: The victorious Greeks subsequently punished Thebes by depriving it of the presidency of the ________ and an attempt by the Spartans to expel it from the Delphic amphictyony was only frustrated by the intercession of Athens.
BoeotiaAncient Thebes (Boeotia)Ancient GreeceThebes, Greece

Question 8: It played an important role in Greek myth, as the site of the stories of ________, Oedipus, Dionysus and others.
Europa (mythology)ZeusCadmusSemele

Question 9: The Sacred Band of Thebes (an elite military unit) famously fell at the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC against Philip II and ________.
Macedonia (ancient kingdom)Seleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatPtolemaic Kingdom

Question 10: Kleitomachos (________) athlete
3rd century BC2nd century BC4th century BC5th century BC


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