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Theatre practitioner: Quiz


Question 1:
Theatre practitioner, Dramatic theory and Julius Pollux are all:
Theatre practitioners Theatre theorists Entertainment occupations Media occupations

Question 2: Theatre practitioner is a modern term to describe someone who both creates theatrical performances and who produces a theoretical ________ that informs their practical work.
SemanticsSocial sciencesDiscourseMichel Foucault

Question 3:
Theatre practitioner, Bertolt Brecht and Constantin Stanislavski are all:
Media occupations Theatre practitioners Entertainment occupations Theatre theorists

Question 4:
Theatre practitioner, Actor and Dance are all:
Media occupations Theatrical professions Theatre practitioners Entertainment occupations

Question 5:
Theatre practitioner, Film director and Disc jockey are all:
Theatre practitioners Media occupations Theatre theorists Entertainment occupations

Question 6:
Theatre practitioner, Pornographic actor and Actor are all:
Theatre theorists Entertainment occupations Theatre practitioners Media occupations

Question 7: A theatre practitioner may be a director, a dramatist, an ________, or—characteristically—often a combination of these traditionally-separate roles.
OperaJack LemmonActingActor


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