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Question 1: Depending on the production, this team may also include a dramaturge, video designer or ________.
Martial artsHistorical European martial artsStage combatHong Kong action cinema

Question 2: Theatre (or theater, see spelling differences) is a branch of the ________.
DramaPlay (theatre)Performing artsDance

Question 3: Evening Standard Awards (________)
United KingdomWalesEnglandCanada

Question 4: In order to put on a piece of theatre, both a ________ and a theatre venue are needed.
Play (theatre)DramaTheatrePerforming arts

Question 5: For instance, contemporary ________ often include lavish costumes and sets supported by million dollar budgets.
Broadhurst TheatreImperial TheatreLongacre TheatreBroadway theatre

Question 6: ________ (literally translated as action, from a verbal root meaning "To do") is the branch of theatre in which speech, either from written text (plays), or improvised is paramount.

Question 7: The first recorded theatrical event was a performance of the sacred plays of the myth of Osiris and Isis in 2500 BC in ________.

Question 8: Theatre productions that use ________ as a vehicle to tell a story qualify as comedies.
Friedrich NietzscheHumourTragedyAesthetics

Question 9: Pacific Playwrights Festival at South Coast Repertory (________).
Irvine, CaliforniaCosta Mesa, CaliforniaAnaheim, CaliforniaSanta Ana, California

Question 10: [14] Others notable for their contribution to theatrical philosophy are Konstantin Stanislavski, ________, Bertolt Brecht, Orson Welles, Peter Brook, and Jerzy Grotowski.
Comte de LautréamontAntonin ArtaudSurrealismJean Cocteau

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