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The World Set Free: Quiz


Question 1: The World Set Free, free audio download from ________
LibriVoxImmanuel KantOpen sourceCreative Commons

Question 2: The World Set Free is a novel published in 1914 by ________.
H. G. WellsH. G. Wells bibliographyThe Time MachineThe Invisible Man

Question 3: The book is considered to foretell ________.
Nuclear weaponNuclear proliferationNuclear arms raceNuclear weapons testing

Question 4: The World Set Free at ________
Amazon KindleProject GutenbergProject Gutenberg AustraliaGoogle Books

Question 5: Wells did have some knowledge of atomic physics, and William Ramsay, ________, and Frederick Soddy's discovery of the disintegration of uranium.
Ernest RutherfordJohn Strutt, 3rd Baron RayleighMarie CurieJ. J. Thomson

Question 6: The 1995 novel The Time Ships by ________ is an authorized sequel to Wells's The Time Machine.
Stephen BaxterVoyage (Stephen Baxter novel)NASA TrilogyPhase Space (story collection)


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