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The Wife of Bath's Tale: Quiz


Question 1: Alisoun begins by observing that ________ and Jacob each had more than one wife, noting that Solomon had "wyves mo than oon" (in fact he had seven hundred).
Enoch (Biblical figure)IsaacAbrahamDavid

Question 2:

Question 3: They give insight into the role of women in the ________ and are probably of interest to Chaucer himself, for the character is one of his most developed ones, with her prologue twice as long as her tale.
Late Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesByzantine Empire

Question 4: In the medieval poem The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle, Arthur's nephew ________ goes on a nearly identical quest to discover what women truly want.
CamelotSir KayGawainKing Arthur

Question 5: ________’s Adversus Jovinianum, which was “written to refute the proposition put forward by one Jovinianus that virginity and marriage were of equal worth”[2].
JeromeIrenaeusEucharistic theologies contrastedJustin Martyr

Question 6: While it is quite obvious that sexuality is a dominant theme in The Wife of Bath’s Prologue, it is less obvious that Alisoun’s sexual behaviour can be associated with ________.
Catholic ChurchJohn WycliffeLollardyEnglish Reformation

Question 7: The tale is an example of the "loathly lady" motif, the oldest examples of which are the medieval Irish sovereignty myths such as ________.
Diarmait mac CerbaillLóegaire mac NéillÁed OirdnideNiall of the Nine Hostages

Question 8: New York: ________.
United KingdomLondonJohn Fell (clergyman)Oxford University Press

Question 9: "The Wife of Bath's Tale" (Middle English: The Wyves Tale of Bathe) and prologue are among the best-known of Geoffrey Chaucer's ________.
The Miller's TaleThe Knight's TaleGeneral PrologueThe Canterbury Tales


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