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The Wicker Man (2006 film): Quiz


Question 1:
What company distributed The Wicker Man (2006 film)?

Question 2:
Who of the following starred in The Wicker Man (2006 film)?
Nicolas Masson
Nicolas Cage
Nicola Stapleton
Nicola Duffett,

Question 3:
Who was the cinematographer for The Wicker Man (2006 film)?
Matt Boyd
John Choi
Ralph Kaechele
Paul Sarossy

Question 4:
Where does The Wicker Man (2006 film) come from?

Question 5:
Who wrote The Wicker Man (2006 film)?

Question 6:
Who of the following was a direct of The Wicker Man (2006 film)?

Question 7: The film is dedicated to the deceased rockstar ________, who played the guitar in the legendary punk band The Ramones and was one of Nicolas Cage's closest friends.
Johnny RamoneDee Dee RamoneMarky RamoneJoey Ramone

Question 8:
Who did the editing for The Wicker Man (2006 film)?
Warren Low
Joel Plotch
Jane Brodsky
William Reynolds

Question 9: As of November 16, 2006, the worldwide box office receipts totalled $32,259,395 with $23,649,127 of the receipts earned in ________.
Americas (terminology)AmericasSouth AmericaNorth America

Question 10: The film garnered five ________ nominations, for Worst Picture, Worst Actor (Cage), Worst Screenplay, Worst Remake, and Worst On-Screen Couple (Cage and his bearsuit).
1st Golden Raspberry Awards29th Golden Raspberry AwardsGolden Raspberry AwardThe Official Razzie Movie Guide


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