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The Well of Loneliness: Quiz


Question 1: [146] According to Janet Flanner, who reported on the opening night for ________, Kershaw "made up in costume what she lacked in psychology", with designer boots, breeches, and riding crop.
The New YorkerVanity Fair (magazine)Harper's MagazineGranta

Question 2: [133] The Well's name recognition made it possible to find when bookstores and libraries did not yet have sections devoted to ________.
GaylaxiconLGBT literatureLesbian fictionGaylactic Spectrum Awards

Question 3: Friede had heard gossip about The Well at a party at ________'s house and immediately decided to acquire it.
Sister CarrieThe TitanTheodore DreiserAn American Tragedy

Question 4: [106] In 1974, it was read to the British public on ________'s Book at Bedtime.
BBC World ServiceBBC Radio 1BBC Radio 4BBC Radio Scotland

Question 5: [46] Hall championed their ideas over those of the ________, who saw homosexuality as a form of arrested psychological development, and some of whom believed it could be changed.
PsychotherapySigmund FreudAnalytical psychologyPsychoanalysis

Question 6: [151] A mid-1930s ________, Children of Loneliness, claimed to be "inspired by" The Well.
B movies (The exploitation boom)Exploitation filmHorror filmB movie

Question 7: Some critics now argue that Stephen should be seen as ________.
TransgenderAndrogynyThird genderTranssexualism

Question 8: One consignment of 250 copies was stopped at the port of ________.
DoverFolkestoneMaidstoneRiver, Kent

Question 9: [134] As late as 1994, an article in Feminist Review noted that The Well "regularly appears in ________ stories — and not just those of older lesbians".
HomosexualityComing outHeterosexismCloseted

Question 10: Brockett next introduces Stephen to Valérie Seymour, who — like her prototype, ________[33] — is the hostess of a literary salon, many of whose guests are lesbians and gay men.
ModernismDjuna BarnesGertrude SteinNatalie Clifford Barney

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