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The Way of the Warrior: Quiz


Question 1: The station is full of ________ who have arrived to help Starfleet fight the Dominion.
Star Trek V: The Final FrontierStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryStar Trek: The Motion PictureKlingon

Question 2: The Way of the Warrior at ________ (a Star Trek wiki) (featured)
TrekkieStar Trek: First ContactMemory AlphaStar Trek: The Motion Picture

Question 3: They believe that the ________ government has been infiltrated by the Dominion.

Question 4: "The Way of the Warrior" is a feature-length episode of the ________ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Lost (TV series)Television programReality televisionSoap opera

Question 5: Sisko calls on the one officer in Starfleet who has perhaps the most experience in dealing with Klingons: ________.
Star Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: First ContactWorfStar Trek: Deep Space Nine


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