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Question 1: In 2003, a videocassette edition (of main study articles) in ________ was produced, and this was extended to DVD in 2004.
MadagascarCanadaSingaporeAmerican Sign Language

Question 2: Additionally, 2004 saw the release of The Watchtower on compact disc (________ and later audio CD format).
Audio compression (data)MP3MPEG-1Advanced Audio Coding

Question 3: The Watchtower's subtitle, "Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom," indicates its interest in ________, which has frequently been a topic for discussion within its pages.
ApocalypticismIslamic eschatologyEschatologyChristian eschatology

Question 4: The Watchtower is now released monthly in American Sign Language on DVD, and other national ________ as the publishers consider practical.
Legal recognition of sign languagesManually coded languageList of sign languages by number of native signersList of sign languages

Question 5: Published in 180 languages, it is known worldwide as the major publication (along with its companion magazine, ________) distributed by Jehovah's Witnesses in their door-to-door ministry.
Jehovah's Witnesses splinter groupsAwake!Joseph Franklin RutherfordThe Watchtower

Question 6: The publication was started by ________ on July 1, 1879 under the title Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence.
Charles Taze RussellJehovah's WitnessesBible Student movementJoseph Franklin Rutherford

Question 7: A typical issue usually includes topics such as ________ prophecy, Christian conduct and morals, as well as the history of religion and the Bible.
BibleChristianity and JudaismBiblical canonNevi'im

Question 8: In 1976, The Watchtower became available in Grade II English ________.
Latin alphabetBrailleASCIIDiacritic

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