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The WB Television Network: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Prime Time Entertainment NetworkThe CW Television NetworkUPN2006 United States broadcast TV realignment

Question 2: During the 2004-2005 season, The WB finished behind rival ________ for the first time in several years, and fell even further behind in the fall of 2005.
Fox Broadcasting CompanyThe CW Television Network2006 United States broadcast TV realignmentUPN

Question 3: Unfortunately, the site does not contain episodes of Charmed or Felicity, which were two of TheWB's most popular shows, as Charmed is owned by ________ and Felicity is owned by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.
Spelling TelevisionCBS Television DistributionCBS Studios InternationalCBS Television Studios

Question 4:
Where does The WB Television Network come from?

Question 5: also introduced original serialized web-content produced by such television heavyweight producers as ________ and McG for the website when it was launched on August 2008.
Gossip Girl (TV series)Josh SchwartzMTVThe O.C.

Question 6: This meant that, for example, WPIX in New York and ________ in St. Louis were both referred to as "WB11".

Question 7:
What entity owns The WB Television Network?

Question 8: Both networks fell behind the ________ network Univision in the overall 18-34 demographic.
Romanian languageFrench languageSpanish languagePortuguese language

Question 9: An original series, Sorority Forever, from ________, had its premiere on the site on September 8, 2008.
Wonderland Sound and VisionMcGSuperman (film series)Terminator Salvation

Question 10: When The WB was launched during the mid-1990s, the network began branding most of its stations as "WB" or "The WB", then the channel number, with the ________ nearby.
Marconi StationCall signAustraliaUnited States


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