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The Upside Down Show: Quiz


Question 1: Wrong Turns: Laundry Room, ________ Studio, Chair Room
DanceAfrican-American danceConcert danceBallet

Question 2: Wrong Way: Dark Side of the ________
Ganymede (moon)MoonMercury (planet)Io (moon)

Question 3: They also need to get three imaginary pets out of their way: Evan the Pig, Helen the ________ Hippo, and Giorgio the Caterpillar.
Attachment theoryPrenatal developmentPregnancyInfant

Question 4: Wrong Turns: ________ Room, Paper Airplane Room, Word Room
Modern birdsEnantiornithesBirdArchaeopteryx

Question 5:
The Upside Down Show, Family Guy and SpongeBob SquarePants are all:
Television programs featuring anthropomorphic characters 2006 Australian television series debuts Television programs featuring puppetry American children%27s television series

Question 6: Wrong Turns: Funny ________ Room, Marching Room, Sky Room
Music theoryMusical notationMusicClassical music

Question 7: 5--________-- (October 20, 2006)
Ultralight backpackingCampsiteCampingBackpacking (wilderness)

Question 8: They also refold a lady's ________ after crashing into it.

Question 9: Instant Replay: The boy puts on turkey, tomato, ________ lettuce on pat down.
BlueGreenOrange (colour)Red

Question 10: Foil's ________ after David and Shane destroy it.
WaterSiltSand art and playLandslide


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