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Question 1: The Ultimate Resource is a 1981 book written by Julian Lincoln Simon challenging the notion that humanity was running out of ________.
Conservation biologyNatureNatural resourceHabitat conservation

Question 2: Simon argues that for thousands of years, people have always worried about the end of ________ brought on by a crisis of resources.
CivilizationSocietySocietal collapseCulture

Question 3: Simon lists several past unfounded ________ fears in order to back his claim that modern fears are nothing new and will also be disproven.
PollutionEnvironmental historyEnvironmentalismNatural environment

Question 4: ________) have fallen between 1800 and 1990 (adjusting for wages and adjusting for inflation), Simon argues that this indicates that those materials have become less scarce.

Question 5: Simon makes a distinction between "engineering” and “________” forecasting.
EconomicsKeynesian economicsEconomyMercantilism

Question 6: The more a society has to invent and innovate, ________, the easier the society will raise its living standards and lower resource scarcity.
A priori and a posterioriMetaphilosophyCausalityCeteris paribus

Question 7: ________ in the case of copper for telecommunications
Transparency and translucencyGlassOptical fiberOptics


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