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The Troubles: Quiz


Question 1:
How many casualties were there in the The Troubles?
81-83 soldiers wounded
81 aircraft destroyed,
UDA 81
81 casualties

Question 2:
When was the The Troubles?

Question 3: [36] That month the UVF began a campaign of intimidation against a Catholic-owned ________ on the Shankill Road.
Law of the United KingdomConstitution of the United KingdomLicensing laws of the United KingdomEnglish law

Question 4: ________, was blown up by a bomb planted on board his boat.

Question 5: ________ (DUP) councillor and former Police Federation chairman Jimmy Spratt said if the report "had had one shred of credible evidence then we could have expected charges against former Police Officers.
Democratic Unionist PartySinn FéinSocial Democratic and Labour PartyUlster Unionist Party

Question 6: ________
Timeline of the Northern Ireland Troubles and peace processChronology of Continuity Irish Republican Army actionsChronology of Provisional Irish Republican Army actionsProvisional Irish Republican Army

Question 7: The Republic of Ireland Taoiseach (Prime Minister) ________, whose family had fled County Londonderry during the 1920s Troubles, described Northern Ireland as "a failed political entity".
Jack LynchBertie AhernCharles HaugheyGarret FitzGerald

Question 8: ________ (Lord Eames), the former Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh, and Denis Bradley, and published its report in January 2009.
Charles D'ArcyJames UssherMarcus Beresford (clergyman)Robin Eames

Question 9: These talks led to the ________ of 1998.
Belfast AgreementSt Andrews AgreementNorthern IrelandNorthern Ireland Assembly

Question 10: Following the foundation of the nationalist-based Society of the United Irishmen by Presbyterians, Catholics and liberal Anglicans, and the resulting failed ________, sectarian violence between Catholics and Protestants continued.
History of IrelandIrish Rebellion of 1798Republic of IrelandIreland

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