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Question 1: Issues # 1-4 - The ________ and Decepticons land on Earth via the the Ark, paralleling the cartoon.
Transformers: UniverseAutobotThe Transformers (TV series)BotCon

Question 2: The next issue, People Power saw the return of Optimus Prime, as a ________.
Optimus Prime (Transformers)Transformers: Super-God MasterforceTransformers (toy line)Powermasters

Question 3: From issue #56, the by then well-known writer of Transformers Marvel UK, ________ took over the reins, having been asked by Marvel US.
Christos GageDan AbnettSimon FurmanAndy Lanning

Question 4: Donny eventually becomes Megatron's pawn for a while, then escapes and tries to help the Autobots - but not before selling them out to the ________.
State governments of the United StatesUnited StatesUnited States CongressFederal government of the United States

Question 5: However, the release of the Transformers animated movie introduced a new generation of future characters (Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, ________, etc.) who were generally ignored by the U.S.
The Transformers (TV series)The Transformers (IDW Publishing)GalvatronUnicron

Question 6: In issue #19, the Dinobots (especially ________) begin to resent taking orders from Optimus Prime, so they strike out on their own.
GrimlockSoundwave (Transformers)Prowl (Transformers)The Transformers (TV series)

Question 7: However, by #42, he'd been given a new ________ body and his memory had been restored.
Optimus Prime (Transformers)Transformers: Super-God MasterforcePowermastersTransformers (toy line)

Question 8: Optimus Prime returned, in a manner of speaking, in issue #40 when it was discovered that his personality had been saved on a ________.
USB flash driveHard disk driveFloppy diskFile Allocation Table

Question 9: Shockwave wants Optimus Prime to give life to Decepticons using the ________ that he possesses, but Optimus refuses and eventually passes the Matrix on to an unwitting Buster.
Soundwave (Transformers)AutobotUnicronMatrix of Leadership

Question 10: Buster Witwicky's father, captured by the Decepticons to formulate a ________ for them, secretly poisons his captors.


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